ATtiny Development Board

I recently had to program an ATtiny85. As I was developing, I got tired of repeatedly wiring the connections between a 6-pin ISP socket and the ATtiny, and wanted something more permanent. I found myself sucked into Eagle CAD and this is the result. It has everything necessary to program 8-pin and 14-pin Atmel microcontrollers ATtiny25, ATtiny45, and ATtiny85.

The gerber files are available at my Github repository.

The circuit is quite simple – it connects the ISP pins 5V, GND, ~RST, MISO, MOSI, and CLK to the corresponding pins on the ATtiny, allowing for easy programming with any ISP programmer. It breaks out the power pins of either board to a pair of pins next to the ISP socket, and it breaks out and labels all the other pins of the ATtiny along the side of the board. For use in development, the programmed chip can be powered through the power-input pins near the 7805 voltage regulator (give it 7-15V); in this configuration the 10K resistor pulls up the ~RST pins to enable the ATtiny chips to operate.



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